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Lipo For Women Before And After Front View
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Lipo For Women Before And After Side View
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Liposuction For Women Before And After Quarter Image

Liposuction For Women


56 year old female concerned with her neck contour underwent neck/submental Laser radiofrequency (FaceTite) and  Liposuction. She felt that the added neck volume made her appear older and overweight. The procedure involved a tiny 2mm submental incision and RF (radiofrequency FaceTite ) liposuction to melt the fat. This was followed by the newest radiofrequency technology FaceTite to tighten the skin. The patient did not want to undergo a traditional liposuction and achieved these results with a one hour procedure under local anesthesia.  

Age: 56

Procedures Performed: radiofrequency Liposuction (FaceTite)

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