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FaceTite™ Liposuction Treatment

FaceTite™ is a minimally invasive facelift treatment that uses revolutionary skin tightening and liposuction techniques to firm your facial features and achieve a younger-looking appearance. The face is among the first areas to show the signs of aging. As a result, skin begins to droop and lose structure, which can lead to an older-looking facial profile. FaceTite™ can target sagging facial tissues to enhance the brows, cheeks, chin, and neck. This innovative skin tightening procedure can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for smoother-looking skin texture. During FaceTite™ treatment, radiofrequency (RF) technology is used to tighten skin and encourage the production of subsurface collagen fibers to enhance skin structure. Small amounts of excess facial fat can also be removed to further accentuate facial contours. By accomplishing both of these procedure goals in one treatment, FaceTite™ can achieve long-lasting™ skin contraction results with minimal downtime and recovery.

FaceTite™ Benefits FaceTite™ Target Areas FaceTite™ Procedure Details
  • Tightens lax or drooping skin
  • Enhances skin structure by stimulating collagen production underneath the skin
  • Can improve facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Minimally invasive procedure that can achieve long-lasting results with little downtime
  • Brows
  • Cheeks
  • Chin / Jawline
  • Neck
  • Performed at our NYC offices
  • Procedure time can range from 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the target area(s)
  • FaceTite™ usually requires local anesthesia; if additional procedures are being performed, twilight or general anesthesia may be required
  • FaceTite™ patients can resume their daily activities immediately after completing treatment

How Does FaceTite™ Work?

FaceTite™ utilizes bipolar radio frequency technology to firm facial tissues. A small electrode is placed on the skin and a tiny cannula is inserted underneath the skin through a 1-2 millimeter incision. Radio frequency energy is then delivered to the skin through the electrode and cannula. RF energy tightens the initial skin layers while also stimulating the formation of new collagen fibers below the skin, which can improve skin structure. This dual approach allows FaceTite™ to heat the treatment area from the inside out. Unlike other skin tightening procedures, FaceTite™ delivers bipolar RF energy, which allows for greater precision and control. Similar to facial liposuction, FaceTite™ can also liquefy small amounts of excess fat to accentuate facial features.

Can FaceTite™ Be Used Alongside Other Procedures?

Yes. FaceTite™ can be combined with other facial rejuvenation techniques, such as facial fat transfer and submental liposuction. Additionally, FaceTite™ can be used in conjunction with BodyTite™ to achieve skin tightening results for the face and body. Dr. Levine will further discuss which procedures can best achieve your individual treatment goals.

Am I An Ideal Candidate For FaceTite™ Treatment?

You may be an ideal candidate for FaceTite™ skin firming treatment if you would like to reduce the appearance of drooping skin around the brows, mid-face, chin, and jawline. Patients who would like to achieve significant skin tightening results without opting for facial surgery may also be good candidates. Dr. Levine can help determine if minimally invasive facial rejuvenation is right for you during your consultation at our New York City office.

How Many FaceTite™ Treatments Are Required?

A single FaceTite™ treatment can achieve significant results. However, multiple FaceTite™ sessions may be required for optimal skin tightening benefits. Dr. Levine can further advise how many FaceTite™ treatments will be required for your desired results.

What Type Of Anesthesia Is Involved During My FaceTite™ Procedure?

A local anesthetic is usually administered during FaceTite™ treatment. Patients may require general or twilight anesthesia if FaceTite™ is being combined with other facial rejuvenation or body contouring procedures. Dr. Levine will discuss your anesthesia options in more detail during your in-office consultation for FaceTite™ in NYC.

What Can I Expect After Undergoing FaceTite™ In NYC?

Patients can expect slight bruising and swelling in the days following minimally invasive facelift treatment. However, you can typically resume your daily routine immediately following your minimally invasive skin tightening procedure.

What Kind Of FaceTite™ Results Can I Expect?

FaceTite™ can firm sagging facial tissues and add lift to the upper, mid, or lower face for youthful-looking results. FaceTite™ results are longer-lasting than those of a non-surgical facelift and patients can begin to see improvements in the weeks following treatment.

How Can I Maximize My FaceTite™ Results?

In order to maximize your FaceTite™ skin tightening results, it is important to follow all pre and post-operative instructions provided by Dr. Levine.

Certain products and supplements should be avoided in the weeks prior to your FaceTite™ procedure, unless medically necessary. By doing so, patients minimize their risk of bruising and swelling. Blood-thinners and medications that contain ibuprofen or aspirin should be avoided. Patients should also refrain from taking multivitamins and herbal supplements.

Certain medications, including Tylenol, Bromelain, and Arnica Montana, may be recommended to alleviate pain or discomfort post-procedure. For more details regarding our post-treatment care suggestions, click here.

How Do I Find Out More Information About FaceTite™ In NYC?

Dr. Elie Levine, Dr. Jody Levine, and the NYC Lipo staff will be happy to meet with you to discuss any FaceTite™ questions you may have. Please call us at 800.683.5476, or request an appointment online for a personal consultation at our New York City office.

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